Pietermaritzburg district. Bridge built over the Umsindusi River near Mason's Mill between Pentrich and Pietermaritzburg railway station comprising a 30,8-metre steel girder span flanked by two 3,05 concrete arches and a 12,2-metre span over Edendale Road. This 5,2 km deviation was brought into use on 8 July 1906 and replaced the original alignment opened in 1880 between the earlier Umsindusi Station and Pietermaritzburg Station. (This new alignmnet linked at Napier Junctio to the Cape-Natal line opened in 1904 between Pietermaritzburg and Elandskop.) The doubling of this section was opened first from Pietermaritzburg to Napier Junction on 23 May 1915 and from Napier Junction to Pentrich on 20 August 1916. A section of this alignment was replaced when the marshalling yard was built in 1926.

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